The Container Collection


Our container collection is ideal for those limited in space or gardening in pots

Available October - early December

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A selection of our low growing heritage tomatoes,  eggplants and chillis well suited to growing in containers.

The collection features 1 each of the following varieties.

Minibelle Cherry Tomato

A true dwarf  tomato, that still produces masses of bright red tasty cherry tomatoes. An absolute winner with the kids! Ideal for containers or hanging baskets as it cascades over the sides, requiring no staking.

Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato

The sweetest cherry tomato for pots by far. Oval orange shaped sweet juicy fruits in abundance. Larger plant than minibelle, but it is still perfect for container gardening, reaching only knee height. Best grown with a stake to hold it up, although does equally well left rambling.

Black Egg Eggplant.

Beautifully ornamental, with rich purple black leaves and mauve flowers. Small plant producing alot of small to medium sized egg shaped glossy black fruit. A great eggplant to try if you have struggled to grow and ripen the larger fruiting varieties. Best grown with a single stake.

Thai Chilli

Abundant upright pointing fingers of bright red chillis. Medium heat and very versatile as can be dried in strings or frozen when the season ends. Another beautiful ornamental edible addition to the garden.



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