Salad Tomato Collection


A collection of four of our tastiest salad tomatoes.

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A collection of four of our most loved salad tomatoes, full of flavour and a range of colours.

Enough to bring any Summer salad alive!

1 of each of the following varieties.


Jersey Sunrise

A Channel Island heritage from Jersey. Smaller, mid-size red, sweet and juicy fruit.

Prolific fruit production and very early maturing, on a fast growing plant. 


Rollys Red

A local heritage variety to the Nelson region. Classic medium sized red salad Tomato, with an awesome flavour.

A vigorous growing plant with an open habit, showing good disease resistance.


Green Zebra

An American seed-savers exchange favourite. Medium sized green striped salad tomato.

Exceptional flavour.Very sweet but with traditional tomato tartness, incredibly juicy.

Harvest when just soft to touch, before fruit start to go more yellow in colour.


Guernsey Island

An amazingly heavy cropping tomato, originally from the Chanel Islands.

Medium sized dark red fruit with green stripes and a black seed cavity, on a strong growing vine.

A really juicy tomato produced in large clusters, better for salads in quarters.

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