New Zealand Purple Garlic


1 Seed Garlic bag containing three bulbs, of roughly 4 to 5 plantable cloves each.

Sold out for 2022

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A New Zealand heritage garlic that was gifted to us by an old time gardener from Marlborough, and a variety that is still grown commercially in that region.

A beautiful purple streaked skinned hardneck garlic with dark reddish purple cloves, producing medium sized bulbs with a smaller number of larger chunky cloves. It has a rich peppery flavour with a creamy aftertaste, and is said to be highly medicinal due to its higher levels of allanacin.

Being a hardneck type it will produce edible scapes (flowers) which should be cut to help the plants produce larger bulbs. This garlic stores exceptionally well and the clove size makes it easier to use in the kitchen.



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