Liquid Seaweed


A liquid seaweed fertiliser high in potassium, ideal for tomatoes.

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Liquid Seaweed

A New Zealand sourced and made blend of seaweeds  in a liquid form that is biogro certified. Containing high levels of soluble potassium and micro nutrients, this is the ideal liquid feed for those plants that fruit and flower heavily like toms, zucs and beans etc. We use at weekly intervals upon the first flush of flowers on these plants. In addition we use it as a weekly foliar spray to help with the general health and immunity of the seedlings we grow for the markets. Or every morning  for three days if the plants are under attack from insects or disease, as it helps to strengthen the plants cellular structure.

Dilute 1 : 100 (10ml in 1 litre) of clean water. Can be used as both a liquid feed, or as a foliar spray in the early morning covering both the tops and bottoms of the leaves.

Available in 500ml bottles.

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