Zucs and Cucs Collection


Available October to January

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This is a great mix of  our most reliable producing zucchinis, and sweet crisp cucumbers.

1 each of the following varieties.

Cocozelle Zucchini

An Italian variety that is our favourite green zucchini. More compact plants than your normal dark green zuc, producing slightly ridged fruit, with a grey speckled striping. Good firm flesh with a nutty flavour, and heaps of flowers for stuffing and frying.

Gold Stick Zucchini

A bright yellow variety, smooth skinned glossy fruit with a buttery flavour. Produces an abundance from early in the season.

Lebanese Cucumber

Smooth thin skinned cucumber of medium size. Crisp and sweet, great flavour and texture.

Marketmore Cucumber

Our most reliable outdoor cucumber, that is equally good in a glasshouse. Thicker skinned than the Lebanese, with a few raised dimples. Can be eaten with or without skin on.

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