Cherry Tomato Collection


Sweet and Juicy cherry tomatoes.

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Our best selling collection. Four plants of the most popular and well loved of our cherry tomatoes.

1 of each of the following varieties.

Small Sweet Orange

A Southland heritage variety. Small to medium sized orange cherry tomato.

Very strong vines producing masses of sweet tasting, juicy fruit.  Possibly our tastiest cherry tomato!

Gardeners Delight

An old gardeners favourite , early 1900’s from England. Medium sized bright red cherry tomato.

Very sweet fruit held on abundant long trusses from early in the season held on vigorous but manageable vines.

Black Cherry

A true dark cherry tomato, small to medium sized dusky purple black cherry tomato.

Heavy producing tall vigorous plants, of a sweet yet rich flavoured fruit.

Yellow Pear

North American heirloom variety. Small yellow pear shaped fruit.

Highly productive on a stocky but medium tall plant. The fruit are sweet with firm flesh and juicy seeds. An absolute winner for the kids!

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